CBSE Class 10th Science Suggestion 2019 : Important questions of CBSE Class 10th Science Download

Are you searching for CBSE 2019 Science suggestion? Here you can get CBSE  Class 10 Science Suggestion Download. Get important question of Science subject on Class 10 Science suggestion for CBSE 2019.  Get knowledge of Central Board of Secondary Education Science Suggestion 2019. Fly through CBSE 2019 Science Suggestion. Download CBSE 10th Science Suggestion 2019.

CBSE Class 10 th Science Suggestion is the Reflection of Important Questions of Science subject. CBSE 2019 10th Science suggestion will give you confidence alongside good marks in CBSE 2019 Science Exam. We made this Science Suggestions for CBSE 2019 with the Main aim of helping students to gain higher marks with ease. A Suggestion is much needed for every student to have higher marks alongside books. Download Important questions enriched CBSE 10th Science Suggestion 2019.

West Bengal Council of Mp Examination (WBBSE) will organize CBSE 2019 exam in Exam centers all over West Bengal. CBSE 2019 Exam will start in the month of March, 2019. CBSE Science Exam 2019 will start from  MARCH 2019. Students, who are currently studying in 10th standard under CBSE board, will seat for CBSE 2019 Exam.

Students should know about CBSE 10th Science Syllabus before having Science Suggestion for CBSE 2019. 10th Science Subject Contains 5 Chapters. We shared 5 chapters with allotted marks on them in the table below.

Unit Name
Chemical Substances – Nature & Behavior
World of Living
Natural Phenomenon
Effects of Current
Natural Resources

 A student should have knowledge about Question pattern of Science subject in CBSE Exam 2019. Question pattern of Science subject give you knowledge about of CBSE 2019 Science question paper. The question paper will have two parts.  CBSE 2019 Science Subject exam contains total marks of 100 including 10 from Viva and 90 from theory.

Part A
SA I (2 Marks) – (Total Marks :18)
VSA(1 Marks) – (Question no:2)
Part B
LA ( 5 Marks ) - ( Question Marks : 30)
SA II (3 Marks) - (Total Marks : 30)

We share CBSE Class 10th 2019 Science suggestion. Keep in mind that suggestions are not complete study materials. Read text books and reference books perfectly and attain classes to gain higher marks in CBSE 2019. After completing Cbse Science subject Syllabus, follow our CBSE 10th 2019 Science suggestion for 85% Marks

     CBSE Class 10th Science Important Questions

Section 'A

1. Write the total number of periods in modern periodic table.

2. Name the process of loss of water in the form of vapour from the aerial parts of the plants.

3. State two positions in which a concave mirror produces a magnified image of a given object. List two differences between the two images.

4. Differentiate between the food habits of organisms belonging to first and second trophic levels.

6. (i) Two solutions X and Y are tested with universal indicator. Solution X turns orange whereas solution Y turns red. Which of the solutions is stronger acid?

(ii) State the meaning of strong acids and weak acids. Give one example of each.

7. Draw the structures of the following compounds and identify the functional group present in them:

(i) Butanoic acid
(ii) Bromopropane
(iii) Butyne

8. (i) Draw a diagram of human excretory system and label the following parts on it

(a) Right renal artery
(b) Vena cava
(c) Urinary bladder
(d) Left kidney

9. Mention any three significance of a food chain.

10. (i) You have three unlabelled test-tubes containing ethanol, ethanoic acid and soap solution. Explain the method you would use to identify the compounds in different test tubes by chemical tests using litmus paper and sodium metal.

(ii)Give the reason of formation of scum when soaps are used with hard water.

11. (i) Write the chemical formula of hydrated copper sulphate and anhydrous copper sulphate. Give an activity to illustrate how these two are inter convertible.

(ii) Write chemical names and formulae of plaster of paris and gypsum.

12. (i) Draw a neat diagram depicting human alimentary canal and label its following parts:

       Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Small intestine.

(ii) State in brief the function of digestive enzymes.

13. (i) "Two areas of study namely 'evolution' and 'classification' are interlinked". Justify this statement.

(ii)State two methods of determining the age of fossils.

14. What is atmospheric refraction ? Use this phenomenon to explain the following natural events

(i) Twinkling of stars
(ii) Advanced sun-rise and delayed sun-set

Draw diagrams to illustrate your answer

Section B

1.The pH of the solution is less than 7. What does it indicate ? What is the pH of 1 M HCI solution ?

2. Mention any two functions of epidermis.

3. A student is observing a permanent slide showing sequentially the different stages of asexual reproduction taking place in yeast. Name this process and draw diagrams, of what he observes, in a proper sequence.

4. A student places a 8.0 cm tall object perpendicular to the principal axis of a convex lens of focal length 20 cm. The distance of the object from the lens is 30 cm. He obtains a sharp image of the object on a screen placed on the other side of the lens. What will be the nature (inverted, erect, magnified, diminished) of the image he obtains on a screen ? Draw a ray diagram to justify your answer.

5. In a voltmeter there are 20 divisions between the 0 mark and 0.5 V mark. Calculate the least count of the voltmeter.

6. Write two precautions required while finding the pH of the samples.

7. When you add about 2 ml of acetic acid to a test-tube containing an equal amount of distilled water and leave the test-tube to settle after shaking its contents, what do you observe in the test-tube after about 5 minutes?

8.(i) Name the structure which stores food in the seeds ?

(ii) What is the importance of seed coat in a dicotyledonous seed ?

9. Why upper surface of the leaf has fewer stomata?

10. Why leaf is boiled before doing starch test?

Our Expert Teachers made this CBSE 2019 Science Suggestion with help of various books. We assure you 85% Marks in theory exam by attempting our Science Suggestion. Download the Science suggestion for CBSE 2019 pdf version and take a print out if you want to. If you have any queries, ask us in comments and like our Facebook page for Next Suggestion. We wishes you Best luck for your exam.


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