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Scholarships and Fellowships For Indian Women and Girls

Scholarships are the encouraging money for further study. Especially for poor students, scholarship are like Gods' help to continue their studies. In our country, many students stops their studies in lack of money. For them many organization starts scholarship. Some of them Starts Women Scholarship to help them for further studies. In India, girls are not judged same as boys. To encourage Girls' study , Government and other Organization started many Scholarships. There are many Scholarships for Indian Girls. I listed few of them.

Maulana Azad Scholarship:

Maulana Azad Scholarship is given to Minority girl students(Muslim, Christ, Jain etc) to encourage them for study. Girls who have passed 10th standard and admitted in next higher study are eligible for Maulana Azad Scholarship . Total Rs. 12000 is given as scholarship ( Rs.6000 in Class 11, Rs. 6000 in Class 12 ). Indian girl students can apply for the Maulana Azad Scholarship in online process or offline process.
Application Portal: http://www.maef.nic.in/

Indian Women Scholarship

Swami Vivekananda Single Girl Scholarship:

Swami Vivekananda Single girl scholarship is given by West Bengal Govt. Girls who have completed Post Graduate Degree in Social Sciences and related topics are eligible for this scholarship.Applicants
must have to sungle girl child if her parents to persuie this scholarship.  Rs. 12400 per month is given in this scholarship for next two years. After two years, Scholarship amount will be increased to Rs.15400 per month. Swami Vivekananda Single girl scholarship is a UGC funded scholarship and it is given to 300 girl students every year. Candidates can apply for this scholarship in online method only.
Application Portal : https://www.ugc.ac.in/svsgc/

Fair and Lovely Scholarship:

Fair and Lovely scholarship is given to Indian Girl Students who will read in Government authorized Institutes. Girls who want to continue study after 12th, and admitted in Graduation or Post Graduation are eligible for Fair And Lovely Scholarship. Candidates have to pass 12th standard with minimum 60% marks. Fair and Lovely Organization give worth RS. 1 Lakhs for Scholarship. Candidates can apply for this scholarship in both online or offline method.
Application Portal: https://www.fairandlovelyfoundation.in/scholarship

Kiran Girls Scholarship: 

Kiran Girls Scholarship is given by Persistent Foundation. Girls who have admitted in B.TECH or B.PHARM, MSC in Computer Science, M. TECH are eligible for this scholarship. Girls who are continuing those courses in Nagpur, Bangalore, Pune or in any small cities are eligible for this scholarship. Selected candidates will be given RS.40000 per year as Scholarship. Candidates can apply for this scholarship in online method.
Application Portal: https://www.persistentfoundation.org/girls-scholarship

Post Doctoral Fellowship For Woman:
Post Doctoral Fellowship For Women is given by UGC. Girls who posses PH.D for more research studies are eligible for this scholarship. Candidates must have to unemployed. The fellowship are available only for few subjects: 1. Humanities, 2. Social Science, 3. Science , 4. Engennering.  Candidates must have 55% marks in under graduate level, and 60% marks in post graduate level for applying in Post Doctoral Scholarship.
Application Portal: https://www.ugc.ac.in/pdfw/

Santoor Women Fellowship:

Santoor Women Fellowship is given by Santoor Corporation for Needy poor girl students. Girls who completed 12 th standard and admitted in Diploma couurses are eligible for this scholarship. Selected candidates will be given Rs. 24000 per year as Schoalrship amount. Candidates can apply for this scholarship in offline method.
Download Application Form: http://www.santoorscholarships.com/

Indira Gandhi Scholarship:

Indira Gandhi Scholarship is given by India Central Govt. Girl Students who have enrolled in non professional degree courses are eligible for this scholarship. Candidates must have to pass 12th standard with 60% marks. Candidates also have to be single child of their parents to claim this scholarship. RS\s. 200 per month will be given to the selected candidates. Candidates need to apply online for having this scholarship.
Application Portal:  http://www.ugc.ac.in/sgc/.

Students who completed 10th and 12th standard in West Bengal , Can have two Scholarships named :
1.West Bengal Chief Minister Scholarship | Nabanna Scholarship

2.Swami Vivekananda Scholarship | Merit Cum Means Scholarship  

For any info, or for any questions , ask us in comments, we are always happy to help you.

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