The Importance of Study In Our Life

Study is very precious to everyone's life. All have different meanings and importance of study in their lives. Some think that we study to become successful in our life. Some thinks that it is necessary to study because if we will not study, we will not get good percentage in exams and we will not have a bright future. But i have some different views on the importance of study in our life.

       According to me, the real mean of study is "Grab Knowledge". We study to take knowledge about all that we want to know.  Knowledge can be increased by studying books, watching educational programs on television, by exploring and by listening to other people. Studying is a very important part of our life because only by studying, we get to know that who we are, how we came here, how we were made, how the whole universe was made,how life begins on earth, about the different species of animals, about the history of past times, about the great heroes of our nation, about the famous writers and their books, about different historical buildings and much more. There is endless list of things that we can know by studying. We can get the answer of our every question by studying  various kinds of books.
         The right way of studying is to understand everything instead of cramming. Because we are able to remember much by understanding and for a long time rather than by cramming. If we have knowledge, than we are able to give answer of everything.

          Everything that we do is meaningless until we don't know that why we're doing it, how is it happening and  what we will get by doing so. The famous scientists like Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison had done many inventions and discoveries in their life and changed the world. But how did they do it? Because they were very interested in their particular topic and they also had knowledge about it. But how? By studying. If they can do it, then why can't we?

           From this we can conclude that study is a most precious treasure of our life and we should take interest in studying and we should have excitement of studying. One more thing i want to share that if you have ability, knowledge and will power, there is no such power that can stop you to achieve success. At last, i would like to say - Don't study to live, but live to study.

Studying has the following meanings in the English Dictionary:
  1. devote time and attention to gaining knowledge of (an academic subject), especially by means of books.
  2. investigate and analyse (a subject or situation) in detail.
  3. acquire academic knowledge at an educational establishment.
Last words " live to study..."

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