Hey are you searching for the path to know how to review higher secondary subjects after results are out? Then you are at right place. We here inform you about the way to know how to do scrutny or review papers. To know more read down below.
After publication of Result of Higher Secondary Examination 2017 the candidates interested to review or scrutinize their answer scripts may apply online for the same. If your Result of HS Examination is not so well as expected then you may file online Application for review/scrutiny of your application. This PPR (Post Publication Review or PPS (Post Publication Scrutiny) Process may help increasing the score. West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education has made an online website where interested candidates for hs review wbchse or hs scrutiny wbchse can apply online. Read this post to know more. 

Quick Info of HS PPR PPS
✪ PPR full form : Post Publication Review
✪ PPS full form : Post Publication Scrutiny
✪ HS Online PPR/PPS Application Process Started on : 31/05/2017
✪ HS Online PPR/PPS Application will end on  : no dates included.
✪ Online PPR/PPS Website >
✪ Recommended Web Browser > Latest Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome
Prerequisite before PPR/PPS Online Application
✧ Marksheet/Result of Higher Secondary Exam
✧ Mobile No
✧ Email Address

Quick Steps
  • Open Website >
  • Go to PPR PPS Result* Option [Yellow Coloured]
  • Put Roll & No of HS
  • Enter Marksheet Number
  • Click Submit to Get your Result Information

Brief Step by Step Process of Online PPR/PPS System
  1. Open PPR/PPS Portal >
  2. Go To Apply for PPS/PPR
  3. Enter Mobile No and Email [*may be skipped]
  4. Click Add Candidate
  5. Enter Roll & No and Marksheet/Result No [Ex. D314521]
  6. Your Name, Institute Name, Result Status & Subject List will Appear.
  7. Choose PPS/PPR & Finally Clik Add
  8. Choose Payment Option Cash/NEFT [NEFT-Pay from Any Bank]
  9. Click Submit Your Challan will Be Generated 
  10. Note Down Challan No & Download the Challan in PDF File
  11. Take Printout of Challan & Pay Fee
  12. Now Open PPR/PPS Website Again
  13. Go to Payment Acknowledgement Option
  14. Enter Challan No and click Submit to Get your Payment Acknowledgement.
  15. After Some Days Open PPR/PPS Website Again
  16. Go To Result Option
  17. Enter Roll No & Marksheet No & Click Submit.
  18. Now your PPR/PPS Result will be Displayed.
Rules & Regulation for WBCHSE HS Review & Scrutiny
  • Only online application  for P.P.S. / P.P.R. of H.S. Examination 2017 will be accepted.
  • Candidate will have to submit   Roll No and Mark Sheet No for submission of online application for P.P.S. / P.P.R. 2017.
  • Rules for Online post publication review/post publication scrutiny of answer script of Higher Secondary Examination 2017.
  • A Candidate appearing at H.S. Examination may apply for online Post Publication review/Post Publication scrutiny of his/her answer-script(s) within 15 days from the date of publication of the result subject to the provision as laid down here under.
  1. Application fee for PPR is Rs.100/- (One hundred) only for each subject. Application fee for PPS is Rs.60/- (Sixty ) only for each subject.
  2. Application for PPR/PPS shall be restricted to theoretical paper only.
  3. Grade secured in Environmental education shall not be taken into account in order to determine the eligibility for review and there shall be no review in Environmental education.
  4. Application for review may be made in subjects for which Post Publication Scrutiny (PPS) is not sought for.
  5. Application for review may be made for a maximum of two subjects provided that the (theory) marks obtained in the subjects(s) for which review is sought for cannot be less than 20% - for  Regular & Continuing.
  6. A failed candidate may seek review provided he/she obtains at least Grade C in two compulsory subjects (Language or Elective) – for Regular & Continuing.
  7. A special candidate may seek review in one subject only, provided theory marks in the subject is 20% or above.
  8. A passed candidate may seek review provided that he/she has obtained higher grade in other three subjects than the grade obtained in subject/s for which review is sought for. For review in optional elective subjects the candidate must have obtained Grade ’F’ in the said optional elective subject – for Regular & Continuing.
  9. A candidate with overall consistency in results reflected in securing same grade i.e. O or A+ or A or B+ or B or C or P in all the subjects including optional elective subject shall not be  eligible to seek review – for Regular & Continuing.
  10. The duly filled online applications for post publication review/post publication scrutiny along with the fees to be submitted within fifteen days from the date of publication of the result.
  11. A candidate has the option for post publication scrutiny for all theoretical papers in which the candidate has appeared in 2017.
  12. An incomplete or incorrect application for PPR/PPS shall summarily be rejected by the Council and no enquiry or correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.
  13. No application for PPR/PPS shall be entertained beyond the specified period under any circumstances.
  14. Results of PPR/PPS shall be communicated to the institutions concerned by the Council. Institution/Candidate may also know the result from Council’s Website.
  15. Candidate applying for review shall have to accept the results of review/scrutiny.
  16. The above will take effect from the H.S. Examination 2016.
Detailed Steps for Online Application of WBCHSE Higher Secondary (HS) PPR PPS 2016

Step 1) PPS/PPR Online Application.
  • Click on "APPLY FOR PPS/PPR" tab in the homepage.
  • Mobile Number ( Not Mandatory ): Enter Mobile No. It will be used to inform result status of PPS/PPR by SMS after completion of the same.
  • E-mail Id ( Not Mandatory ): Enter E-mail address. Challan Details will be mailed to this Email Id.
  • Click on the button "Add Candidate", a pop up window will appear to submit candidate wise information as shown below.
  • Enter Roll (6 digits) + No. (4 digits) together without space and Mark Sheet No: If Roll No. and Mark Sheet no. is correct then candidate details along with his / her exam subjects will be displayed as shown below. Marksheet No. is the number surrounded with a red box situated on the top portion of your marksheet as shown below.
  • Alongside each subject a combo box will display option for choosing PPS or PPR according to candidate's eligibility as per Council's PPS/PPR 2016 Regulation given above. Select as per your requirement and click on the "Add" button.
  • On clicking "Add" button an alert will appear as shown below asking, "Are you sure to submit?" Click "OK" button if you are sure, else click "Cancel" button.
  • On clicking the "OK" button, a row will appear in the main window with details of the candidate just added. If an institution is submitting on behalf of candidates they can enter data for next candidate by clicking on "Add Candidate" button up to a maximum of 10 candidates in one go. If a candidate is entering for himself he should proceed as follows:
  • Now select your Payment Mode i.e. CASH or NEFT as shown below. You will get an alert confirming your payment mode selection. Please locate nearest authorized Axis Bank branch when you want to pay by CASH. Click on the hyperlink beside Payment Mode dropdown to download the list of Branches. For NEFT mode of payment, applicant will able to transfer the application money from any bank account of any bank of his or her choice.
  • Now click on "Submit" button. On clicking "Submit" button an alert will appear as shown below asking, "On clicking the 'OK' button, a Payment Challan will be generated. Challan once generated cannot be modified. Are you sure to submit ?" Click "OK" button if you are sure, else click "Cancel" button.
  • On clicking the "OK" button, a Payment Challan will be generated. Please note down your Challan No. displayed on the screen separately for future reference. Click on the "Download Challan" button to download the PDF version of the Challan.
  • Click on the "Back" button to go back to the Home page to submit information for more candidates if required.
  • You can also Re-print an unpaid Challan by entering the Challan No. under 'CHALLAN RE-PRINT Tab' in the Home page.
Step 2) Challan Re-print Process.
  • Click on "CHALLAN RE-PRINT" tab in the homepage.
  • Challan No. ( Mandatory ): Enter Challan No and click on "Submit" button. Now click on the "Download Challan" button to download the PDF version of the Challan. Challan can be Re-printed only if payment has not yet been realized.
Step 3) Payment Acknowledgement Process.
  • Click on "PAYMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT" tab in the homepage.
  • Challan No. ( Mandatory ): Enter Challan No and click on "Submit" button. Now click on the "Download Challan Details" button to download the PDF version of the Challan Details. You can download Payment Acknowledgement for a given Challan only after realization of the payment.
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