6 Craziest Things to do after Your Exams is over |

Hey, your exam is over? You have plenty of days to do A lot of things? But you are in problem to find what to do. Then we here assure you some things you can do after your exams. Free your mind, give your all stress a rest for a while. We going to share you some craziest things to do after your exams.

I know exams are preety hard to handle. Your life is so boring during study, during exams. All the you need to do is to study, keep minding your notes, lectures, study based questions and all the boring things. So you need a big rest, big mind free rests, after all the year of exams and studies. Here I'm gonna tell you some ways to free your minds. Keep reading for knowing them.

1. Sell your books! -
Yes , you read it right. Most of the students don't like to keep the old books with them, they fell disgusted when they see their old books. So, for keeping your mind free ,you should sell your books( If you have intensity to sell books then you should)!

2. Have a party!-
After your board exam is over, you can have a party, a big enojoyable party. "If exam is over then there is party"- told by Thomas Thompson, a great Scientist. A party helps you to forget all the year long boring studies. So have party, have fun.

3. Do a tour vacation!-
Hell yeah, start a vacation right now if you have plenty of days in your hand. A vacation is always welcomed by all friends, so start a vacation right now.  And enjoy yourselves.

4. Meet new ones!-
After your exam is over, you have alot of time to do lot things. One of them is meeting new persons. New persons can give you a lots of time to free your mind. If you have a tour with new ones, you will surely have enjoy with new ones(also don't forget to bring old ones, because old ones are always sweet).

5. Do something new!- 
Hey, do you have a fantastic mind or some scientific brain? Or you have a creatieve mind? So start it now, start a new thing. Do you need some examples? Here it is - 1. You can start dancing, 2. You can start a blog, 3. You can learn mobile repairing and many more repairing, 4. you can start learning car driving, 5. you can go for a computer course and many more.

6. Do some social help!- 
It is the most important thing you can do if your exams are over. Social help is the best thing to do. You can start a blood campaign, or a cleansing campaign with friends. Or you could start a learning programme among poor students.

Thats all you can do after your exams are over. If you have any more idea, share us in comments. We always appreciates your comments.

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