Highly recommended best books on Chemistry : Organic Chemistry,Physical Chemistry, Quantam Chemistry and many more For Graduation Course : Under Graduates

       Chemistry books suggestion

Are you searching for best books on Chemistry for Graduation course? You are an under Graduate student? Best books on Chemistry? You having problem to find out best books on Chemistry?? So Here are the highly recommended best Chemistry books for you..
 Inorganic Chemistry
Housecroft, Inorganic Chemistry. I know for a fact that many IChO participants use this book as material for preparation due to its comprehensive coverage.
Atkins, Inorganic Chemistry. The content is similar to Housecroft’s. However, this book covers an additional topic on Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry.
Cotton, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry. Cotton also writes many other wonderful texts like Chemical Applications of Group Theory
Organic Chemistry
Clayden, Organic Chemistry. This is also a favourite text used by IChO participants and is highly acclaimed. The main approach of this book is reaction mechanism, which makes it relatively easy to follow.
Okuyama, Organic Chemistry: A Mechanistic Approach. I consider this text to be highly similar to Clayden’s.
McMurry, Organic Chemistry. This book adopts an approach of functional group chemistry.
Klein, Organic Chemistry. This one is similar to McMurry.
Carey, Advanced Organic Chemistry (Part A & B). Together this series is a powerful material to build a strong organic chemistry background.
Anslyn, Modern Physical Organic Chemistry. A view of Organic Chemistry via Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Atkins, Physical Chemistry. A widely used text for Physical Chemistry. It involves a lot of calculus though.
Bard, Electrochemical Methods.
Quantum Chemistry
Atkins, Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Another excellent text by Atkins.
Hayward, Quantum Mechanics for Chemists.
Levine, Quantum Chemistry.
Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry
Cairns, Essential of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
Patrick, An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry.
Analytical Chemistry
Skoog, Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry.
Vogel, Quantitative Chemical Analysis.
Pretsch, Structure Determination of Organic Compounds
Harwood, Introduction to Organic Spectroscopy.

If you want to add more books on this list, please be free and contact us. We will be happy to see you. Don't forget to share your valuable opinion. 

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